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Trumpocalypse: A God-Called President, an End-Times Revival, and the Countdown to Armageddon

Is the Trumpocalypse Coming?

Trumpocalypse: A God-Called President, an End-Times Revival, and the Countdown to Armageddon

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From the authors of the bestseller The Babylon Code comes an exploration of the enigmatic prophecies surrounding the Trump presidency and the link to unfolding end-time events.
The stunning victory of “the chaos candidate” Donald Trump not only confounded the predictions of pundits and pollsters, but convinced many the world is on the fast-track to the end of human civilization.
Many are now asking: Will President Trump guide America and the free world through a series of major crises as the biblical end-time narrative unfolds, as many people with prophetic gifts are predicting, or will he trigger the “Trumpocalypse,” resulting in World War III or climate Armageddon?
TRUMPOCALYPSE explores the enigmatic prophecies and “biblical codes” involving Trump, the revolution against the globalist elites, the economic “reset” announced by International Monetary Fund officials, the occult elite’s secret plan for humanity and campaign of mass deception, the president’s mysterious link to the campaign to rebuild the Third Temple in Jerusalem, and why Trump and millions of “deplorables” are fighting to stop the hidden agenda of the Establishment—now largely controlling both political parties—that is making the “1 percent” even richer while working and middle-class people watch their incomes and net worth’s flatline or plummet.
Featuring about fifty exclusive interviews with highly-respected geopolitical, economic, and military affairs experts, prominent faith leaders and biblical scholars, TRUMPOCALYPSE reveals the results of a two-and-a-half-year journalistic investigation that unearthed answers to the questions about Trump’s presidency. Here is an invitation to join the anti-Establishment surge—what evangelist Franklin Graham calls “the Christian revolution”—and discover how to fulfill your own destiny in the run-up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

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