Turning of the Hourglass (The Wintercrest Chronicles Book 1)

Rayven Damyriah is plagued with visions and nightmares of chaos and evil with the physical power to destroy a kingdom…

The kingdom of Wintercrest was once a land of peace, ruled by the ever steady King Carpathia. But one day, peace came to an end as an unknown darkness worked its way through the land, something so strong, even the great King could not stop. Now, Rayven prepares to attend the yearly festival to remember the dead, but she soon finds herself and a few close friends on a fantastic and frightening journey to save her realm from the evil that is gripping it so tightly.

Death stalks Rayven at every turn, and love falls at her feet whether she wants it or not. Will she be able to stop the darkness before it devours all of Wintercrest?

This is a young adult dark epic fantasy perfect for fans of Harbinger and The Questing Witch Series.