Twinkle (Winter Solstice’s Dark fairy tales Book 1)

Eons ago Lucifer fell for her, his hidden love.

      Now he falls for her again, his hidden secret.

Adriana moves to Oxford  to study Philosophy, could have been a really boring year. But once she meets the enigmatic Camen and the mysterious Eric, her life turns into religious conspiracy and her studies into a  historical dare.

She isn’t sure of much but there is one thing absolutely confusing;                

      Lucifer rebelled for love…

     Dark fantasy or impossible  true?

This is written in biblical scriptures; the first angel fell from grace due to love and that love handles world’s story…and the story begins again.

TWINKLE is the enthralling first installment of the Winter Solstice’s Dark Fairy Tales. An angel reverse harem romance full of atmosphere, dark mystery and  a love story  that will keep you hovering until the very last word.

 If you like  Twilight, Fallen and Fallen Angels paranormal Romance you’ll fall in love with Twinkle

 This book is part of a series and ends in a cliffhanger.   

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Book 1: Twinkle

Book 2: Nightfall

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Book 4: Dawning