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Unallocated Space

It's the world's largest casino and a futuristic wonderland, but something old and evil is going on behind the glitz.

Unallocated Space

Full Description

Unallocated Space is the third thriller from author Jerry Hatchett, whose readers describe over and over again as “unputdownable.” The inaugural book in a new series, this page-turner stars Sam Flatt, an eccentric expert in digital forensics who is trying to leave behind a dark past of extreme violence.

When Flatt is hired by SPACE, a futuristic Las Vegas casino that is the largest man-made structure in history, he assumes it’s just another case for his skills as a digital detective: Find out who’s hacking the casino’s VIP gaming machines and costing his client millions, then go back to his rather unusual Texas lifestyle. He’s wrong. Massive theft of money is just the beginning, and it’s all downhill from there.

The deeper he digs, the more obvious it becomes that this isn’t just about the money. Evil is in play, and he seems to be the only one willing to expose it. To do that, however, he risks summoning the demons of his own past, a darkness he’s tried for years to suppress. Walking away would be the smart thing, but Sam Flatt has never been very good at taking the easy way out.

Unallocated Space is a five-star thriller. Get it today!

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Praise from perennial New York Times bestseller James Rollins for Hatchett’s book Seven Unholy Days:



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