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A shy, socially awkward symphony cellist mourns the death of her husband in a fiery plane crash.


Full Description

Julie Davenport, a cellist with the prestigious St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, is trying to put her life back together after her beloved husband dies in a terrible plane crash. After an extended leave of absence, she returns to the beautiful Powell Hall to resume her successful career, while continuing her struggle with grief. It isn’t long before Julie’s life is turned upside down again when she is followed on her drive home after her first rehearsal. She then begins to receive threatening phone calls. At first she is annoyed, but as the caller persists, annoyance turns to fear. Within a few days, a man claiming to be a detective shows up at her home and informs her that her late husband’s plane crash may not have been an accident. he asks her many questions, which, to her dismay, she is unable to answer. Questioning how well she actually knew her late husband, she embarks on her own quest for answers, only to find herself under attack and fearing for her life. Who is after? What do they want? Who can she trust?
Not everyone is convinced that Julie is innocent. Is she unwittingly involved as a pawn in someone’s dangerous game? Or, is she the mastermind behind a scheme of fraud and murder? How did the quiet and privileged life of an unassuming symphony cellist, dedicated to bringing beautiful music to others become so Unharmonious?

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