What Goes Around

Jake Shaw, ex policeman, now private eye, isn’t too fussy about the kind of cases he handles. His cash flow won’t permit him that luxury. Hung over and lucky to be alive after an unsuccessful drive-by shooting, Jake receives an urgent call from an old client asking for his help. His wife has been kidnapped, and the kidnappers have threatened to kill her if he doesn’t do exactly as they say.
They haven’t told the client what they want from him, and Jake presumes it’s the usual ransom demand for money. He undertakes to negotiate based on his assumption – pay the money and get the wife back alive.
But the kidnappers have a unique request, which takes Jake by surprise. What is even more frustrating is that his client has lied to him, placing him in a life and death struggle to survive.
As things start to unravel, Jake wonders if this assignment’s linked to a previous case – one where the horrific end result kept him awake for months on end?
And who is this mystery man who keeps stalking Jake? How does he fit into the puzzle?
As the kidnappers’ deadline looms, Jake’s options are few – find the item the kidnappers want, or rescue the kidnapped wife before she is killed and disposed of.
When he finds the mystery item, and arranges for a straight swap, the exchange goes horribly wrong. Now faced with finding the kidnapped wife on his own, he wonders whether he will be in time to save his client’s wife.
This book introduces the new detective of crime, Jake Shaw, and immediately merges him into an action-packed drama, where the penalty for failure is death