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What Lies Beneath the Mask

Can Annabelle learn to trust again? Or is she still in the clutches of her past?

What Lies Beneath the Mask

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Three years ago, Annabelle escaped from the man that had been abusing and controlling her life from the age of seventeen. Now, Annabelle guards her heart fiercely, from everyone except her best friend, Hayley.
As the assistant director of an amateur performance of the Phantom of the Opera, Annabelle needs everything to be perfect. When strange events and notes start to plague Annabelle’s time at the theatre, the true extent of her ex-boyfriend’s obsession begins to make itself known.
Then, there’s Jack; the charming leading man determined to break through the walls surrounding her heart – even if he doesn’t know why they’re there.
Can she let herself trust him? Or will her past continue to haunt her?

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