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This story about the power and perils of friendship follows three women—Camille, Jewel, and Saundra—across several decades as they confront issues of family, abuse, love, ambition, and race.


Full Description

We assume that our closest friends will be around forever. Sometimes we let years pass without checking in, confident that our paths will cross eventually and that the connection we once had will still be there. However, life doesn’t always work like that.
After learning of the death of her childhood friend Jewel, Camille is overwhelmed by memories. As young women, Camille, Jewel, and Saundra formed a close bond—however, careers, love lives, and other circumstances conspired to separate the once-devoted trio. Jewel founded a successful black entertainment agency, and Saundra fell into an abusive relationship. Camille drifted away after the birth of her son. When she tries to reunite her friends, time has changed everything.
Set in twentieth-century New York City, Wildflowers is about the dynamic of friendship. Camille must face hard truths about her relationships—and herself. She wrote in college that she and her friends were like wildflowers unfolding, each one unique. In the end, Camille realizes that friendships are often complicated and fragile, and she must become her own distinct and firmly planted self.

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