Willow Lake

Sage was haunted by unspeakable memories of her childhood. Her mother vanishes, and her sister is tragically murdered leaving her in the hands of her neglectful father. She moves to Manhattan to pursue her dreams and a more favorable life, a safe distance from her past. She falls in love and marries handsome, defense attorney, Ayden De Carlo. Sage’s new life embraces her, and her dream flourishes into a successful career.
A year later, Detective Liam McGregor, emerges from a crowded book signing turning her world upside down. Ayden was found murdered outside his New York firm. Sage’s life spirals into a dark and endless, abyss.
Months passed, the days grew darker, and the pain burrowed deeper choking her. Needing an escape Sage buys a cottage buried in the fleshy countryside of, Vermont. She resurrects her failing career and life settles into a new normal. But, after a mysterious stranger drifts into her small town her world changed, forever.