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Win or Go Home

Trust no one

Win or Go Home

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Seattle based physician Rick Parker lost his medical license when he unsuccessfully tried to obtain a new drug for his seriously ill father. He starts a new career as a bounty hunter working for the fierce-looking but friendly Rocco DiAngeles. His first target is Michael Norton, a pharmaceutical company employee who stole the formula for a blockbuster drug and vanished after putting his house up as bail collateral. Also missing is a flash drive that holds the data necessary for successfully copying the drug. Norton’s attractive wife Samantha will be on the streets in a matter of days if Parker can’t track down the fugitive. His only lead places him on a collision course with Lenny Decker, a menacing ex-cop who’s now a private investigator. Decker and a host of equally shady characters stand between Parker and Norton. When time expires, who will be on top?

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