Wisteria: The First Journey

They discovered that magic, is indeed real. Unlike a fiction it’s now a reality for them.

They traveled the world of Wisteria, Meeting Mythical creatures of all kinds, but little did they know that they will end up the heroes of this magical new world. They will all be bowing down before them treating them like kings and queens. This was their new place. Wisteria the magical world that will become like their second home Their lives would never be the same, for they will forever reign heroes in the hearts of the people of Wisteria. The moments they captured they will never forget. These are the prime years of their lives, full of adventure new relationships, and magic will forever be a part of who they are. These are the heroes, long may they reign as so, for this is what they do now, and who they are. Their lives are forever changed.

Take home a copy of Wisteria: The First Journey, to be transported to this magical new land that forever changes the lives of Ember and Torrance, the new heroes of Wisteria!