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Word First: A Revelation On Faith

Faith is not a formula, it's a gift.

Word First: A Revelation On Faith

Full Description

A game-changer in Christianity, “Word First”, presents an adjustment in the concept of faith that makes ALL the difference. Is there a question, a pause in your mind, an interruption in logic that causes you ignore reality to be true to the faith you’ve adopted? There is a real, true and honest faith that equips men and women to deal with the daily problems of life. Faith is faith, not hope. Don’t wait for a crises to investigate the forgotten element faith, which is revealed in this short, but powerful book.

“All in all, faith is present when we overlook what we do not know, understand, or see. This is often mistaken for ignoring logic and / or facts to the contrary. To ignore facts and believe based only on what we have been told is NOT faith. Faith may come easily or it may come with difficulty, but, it will NOT come without a personal encounter.”

The process in this book works every time. Every prayer answered. Hope and understanding to sustain the hard times, the love of God not misunderstood. There is a gospel that is good news!


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