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You Live the Life You Want to Live: The Art of Being Happy & Create the Life You Want (Personal Development Book)

How to Be Happy, Feeling Good, Self Esteem, Positive Thinking

You Live the Life You Want to Live: The Art of Being Happy & Create the Life You Want (Personal Development Book)

Full Description

Scientists from different countries made a conclusion that optimists live longer than pessimists, they have fewer diseases and feel the pain weaker. However, how this can be explained? Why positive attitude strengthens our health? Hardly anybody would deny that physical activity and proper nutrition, arguably, take the first place among drug-free methods of healing. However, even if you cannot stand diets and can’t get along with sports very well, there still might be hope for your health! According to scientists, cheerful temper and a belief in a brighter future can strengthen your body and hold up the old age because optimism does not simply protect your nerves – Moreover, it strengthens the immune system, repels bacteria and allays pain.
In one of their recent studies, the scientists of the University of Pittsburgh proved that people who do not “focus” on something and treat all of the life’s troubles with a natural heart have three times less viral infections in comparison with pessimists and whiners. Doctors even conducted an experiment to confirm their theory: they infected groups of volunteers with a cold virus to assess the body reaction to the virus. Moreover, optimists’ immunity was much more resistant to the virus! It is widely known that the medicine has been acknowledging the influence of emotions on health for ages. However, it meant mostly negative feelings. For example, stress has long been considered one of the reasons for gastric ulcer occurrence, and anger, a risk factor for cardiac patients. Now, positive emotions can receive a therapeutic status as well.
Here You Will Learn…
Keep Calm and Keep Your Opinion in Any Situation
10 Morning Habits of Successful People
How to Make Order in Your Nervous System?
How to Learn to Forgive Yourself
Bonus! Awareness and the Art of Living in the Present (Complete collection – save $2.99)
Much, much more! …Free Gift Inside 😉

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