The city of Caladean is in trouble. The church, for so long a central beacon of hope and love has been infiltrated by Abaddon, the demon Prince of Destruction.
While he sets about keeping the church open, by systematically preventing the true Gospel from reaching the congregation, his opposite number Prince Azazel, the General in the army of Lucifer is determined that all places of worship should be destroyed.
Husband and wife Warren and Melina Clarke are leaders within the Caladean Baptist church. During a meeting with other leaders it is revealed that the church has dire secrets and despite obstacles being placed in their way they are determined to get to the bottom of it.
But there are more sinister and malevolent powers at work and they are equally determined that the couple will not get in the way of their machinations.
Aided by Valac and Phanuel, two angels who have been sent to help and protect the couple, it is up to Warren and Melina to uncover the truth about what is happening inside their church, before the entire congregation are fooled into following the wrong path by a Shepherd who has lost his way.