Famous True Crime: What You Don’t Know

Many of the crimes we’ve read about over the last 100 years are quite different than reported. Many of the facts of many crimes get air-brushed out of existence. Even our crime reporting is subject to the concerns of those who control the show. Well, here’s a look at some of these huge crimes and why the truth became, “compromised.” Among them, there were a string of unsolved murders in 1940’s L.A. The Black Dahlia, yes, but there were many others. There were about 10 women killed in this stretch. All young, pretty. In half of them, taunting letters to the police, or the papers. Profilers proffer that in about 1% of murder cases the killer actually writes a note to the press or police. So, It’s a fairly rare occurrence, and yet we have at least 5 that we know of getting letters after their death? A wild coincidence? Rule number one sleuthing, don’t believe in coincidence. There may have been two or three killers. 10 different guys, as the police said? No way. As others have pointed out, the police at that time didn’t even know what serial killers were. The notion of serial killers really didn’t begin until Ted Bundy popularized it in the 1970’s. The cops were old school-only the husbands or boyfriends could have done it. Add to this the fact that the L.A.P.D. was corrupt and in bed with the mob.